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This is the module responsible for guiding and supporting the user during the process of converting scripts into executable workflows and the bundle all resources into a Workflow Research Object.

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Methodology for Conversion of Scripts

Methodology for Conversion of Scripts into Reproducible Workflow Research Objects

The Methodology

The scientist is guided through five steps to convert scripts into Reproducible Workflow Research Objects.

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  • Step 1: To generate the abstract workflow, access Editor.
  • Step 2 & 3: To generate and refine the executable workflow and collect provenance data, download the workflow specification and use the SWfMS. Then upload the workflow specification and the provenance data from the workflow executions into W2Share.
  • Step 4: To add quality information, use the Quality Flow.
  • Step 5: to add annotations and create the Workflow Research Object, access the corresponding module.
At this moment, we only support Taverna workflows .

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