Actions Process Description
Processor get_gene_coordinate
Processor sub_data
Processor eda
Processor visualization
Processor Get_Data Download data from Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO).
Processor data_correction
Processor find_dmrs


Actions Name Description Example Data
genes Names of genes related to epilepsy and stroke diseases genes.Rda
geo_id GEO accession number GSE37579
groups List of sample groups. control, treatent


Actions Name Description Example Data
dmrs_plots Document containing graphic charts of DMRs. dmrs_plots.pdf
eda_plots Document with graphic charts from EDA. eda_plots.pdf
pca_fit_plot Document containg PCA grachic chart of corrected data. pca_fit.pdf
dmrs_table CSV file containing DMRs found. dmrs.csv

Executable Workflow

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